A poem for our trusty old transit who retired today

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R.I.P. Chesty you’ve been the best

For a humble Ford Transit

You’ve been put to the test

From Glasgow to Chamonix

From Bordeaux to Devon

Now the guys down at Furrows

Say it’s time for van heaven

So we want to say thankyou

For 7 years hard graft

And some crazy van memories

That still make us laugh

You’ve put up with us drunk

Hanging out the side door

An inverted drummer

With his head on the floor

You’ve been searched by Swiss customs

Given a thorough going over

Inspected at Calais

But waved on through Dover

You’ve slid up & down mountains

Been dug out of the snow

I don’t think there’s anywhere

You haven’t had to go

But it’s been such a journey

& you’ve given us the chance

To travel all over

To make people dance.

We salute you.