Why book a professional event band for your Wedding or Party?

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Obviously we’re very much in favour of this, but hear me out if you will ..

Music is one of those professions, like photography and art, which people also do for recreation (as opposed to window cleaning or washing machine repair, which we don’t tend to add to our hobby list).

Everyone loves music, right? We all have favourite bands and artists, many people play an instrument, and most people have some knowledge of music, whether it’s 80’s pop trivia or great composers of the 19th century.

So how do we justify earning a living wage from what we do?

For a start, we’re an established business, not just a hairy rabble in skinny jeans carrying guitars … although it’s fair to say we are that as well.

Monstaball is the main source of income for all the band members, and we’re all committed to keeping the standard high. We have a track record of reliability with many testimonials and repeat bookings to prove it.

We’ve invested in the best quality equipment which we keep well maintained and PAT tested. Our PA system is top of the range for the work we do, and we have some pretty special dancefloor lighting. No expenses are spared!

Our van gets treated like a Ferrari, and we have breakdown cover to get us to a gig just in case of a breakdown. This has only happened once in 10 years, and we still arrived in time to set up, albeit on the back of a recovery truck.

All bases are covered on our paperwork … contracts, T’s & C’s, insurance … to do our job we need to be squeaky clean AND rock ‘n roll, all rolled into one. Venues often require the band to provide certificates of PAT testing and Public Liability Insurance.

We happily give our clients as much time as they need on the phone and via emails, answering questions and offering advice, from their initial enquiry right through to their event. We do our best to be as accommodating as possible as we realise every wedding, party and event is unique.

Most importantly, we’ve had loads of experience of providing live music entertainment at all sizes and all sorts of events. There are some things you can only learn the hard way .. by getting in amongst it. We’ve worked our way up to the busy gig calendar we have these days, and it’s not all been a bed of roses. We’ve played in garages, sheds and even flower beds! To start with you say yes to everything, because you need the experience. You swap low priced gigs for any chance to get miles on the clock, mostly with friends and acquaintences. It’s a good system.

Eventually you reach a point where you know you can run the music entertainment at an event seamlessly from set-up & soundcheck to the end of the night. You know what works and what doesn’t, you’re confident interacting with your audiences, making announcements, changing smoothly between live band and DJ, and dealing with unexpected problems without disrupting the evening. You can handle drunken behaviour, stage invasions and rowdy guests with a genuine smile, because they don’t trouble you.

Because of all this you get to spend 2 hours at every gig having the time of your life!

We genuinely enjoy playing every time. Being part of the performance is an amazing experience, you create an energy between you that the audience tap into, then you feel an energy returned from them, everyone gets caught up in the excitement, and that’s when we all start jumping around.

That’s why even after packing down and loading the van, when we’re sitting on the motorway at 4am feeling battered and bruised after a 14 hour day … we can’t wait for the next gig!


Laura & Jack’s Festival Wedding, Matlock, June 2015