Choosing songs with Monstaball for your wedding or event

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Ooooooh Mama, this is one hot topic!

Most people who book Monstaball like to have a say in which songs we play at their event… and why wouldn’t they? …we would!

So this is absolutely fine with us and understandable as we have a pretty eclectic repertoire.

We always speak to every client before their event, and the setlist is usually the main subject. A collaboration works best, which is why we write a different setlist for every booking. While you obviously want your guests to have a rocking good time it’s your wedding/event, you’ve put the hard work in, and you deserve to hear some of your favourite numbers too! You might also want to choose  songs for your friends and family.

We have a repertoire of over 100 songs which we’ve picked because people love them and they’re great songs to dance to. Please note .. these are not necessarily songs you’d choose to listen to in the car or in your living room. We are talking about getting your groove on and busting out some moves on the dancefloor, possibly a few beers/wines into the evening.

We like a set with loads of variety to keep the night interesting and to make sure there’s something for everyone. So we hit up every decade from the 60’s to the present. We also bring in as many genres as we can, including rock, pop, indie, classic rock, funk, country and dance music.

One of our (many) good points is that for a 4 piece band we’re extremely versatile and can make a lot of different sounds!

We play the usual suspects … the hot favourites like Mr Brightside and Uptown Funk. We like to be a bit unique so we also have some less predictable numbers which cause a bit of a stir while still filling the dancefloor. We even have a few wild cards on our song menu if you fancy getting creative!

Our aim is that with your guidance we can choose for you a top set of tunes that includes your favourites, excludes anything that makes you cringe, and results in a roomful of hot, sweaty and exhilarated guests ….

Let’s ROCK!


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