What do Monstaball Band provide?

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What do Monstaball Band provide for your Party, Wedding or Event ?

Most importantly, we are all about the live performance!

We play 2 x 1 hour live sets as a 4 piece band, and we make sure these sets are as exciting as possible for everyone in the room!

The songs we play are chosen to get everyone up and dancing all night, but for anyone who prefers to sit and watch there’s plenty of awesome musicianship to enjoy.

Our frontman Alex is great with the audience, and the whole band loves some audience interaction to really get the party going.

Everything is played live (no backing tracks) which gives the music extra energy and ensures that if a song is going down extra well we can extend it and maybe even break loose with a crazy solo from someone!

All the band members can do several things at once (yes, even the guys!) so we can cover all sorts of music making the songs sound authentic. People often comment on how much variety there is through our sets.

There are 3 x lead vocalists, loads of backing harmonies, all sorts of keyboard sounds as well as a variety of guitar & bass sounds (check out Jimmy B’s pedalboard!), and a few saxophone numbers.

Monstaball Performing Live

Monstaball use awesome equipment live when performing, spot the hair spray!

We’re very happy for you to choose the songs we play live from the  Song List on our website. We play about 35 to 40 songs in a night.

When we’re not playing we can provide DJ music through our beautiful sounding PA system.
We have a big collection of DJ music and can take requests on the night, and/or you can send us a request list in advance.

We floodlight the band, and we have some pretty swanky lighting for the dancefloor. Abi controls the lighting with foot switches so it changes with the music which is really effective.

We bring all the gear we need with us to entertain up to 350 guests. For larger audiences we can help arrange hire of extra PA and lighting from some very good companies we use regularly.

All our equipment is the very best quality, and we can provide PAT test and Public Liability certificates if your venue ask for them.

We are a super experienced band as well as being modern and fun. We want your event to be as awesome as you do, we’ll make sure that happens … and more!

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