Choosing Songs for your Wedding, Party or Event

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Choosing songs for an event

The right music for your event is important, read on and find out what Monstaball can do to make your booking a total success!

Music touches us all, and there are so many amazing songs and genres to choose from!

When we speak to our clients to make plans for their event, an important subject for most people is which songs we’ll play.
We provide a unique service in that we offer our clients to choose the songs we play from our song list if they’d like to.

Our song list is full of tried & tested crowd pleasers and dance floor fillers, so we can’t go wrong letting clients pick their top 40!

When you’re throwing a party or organising an event you want all your guests to love the music, but if it can be songs you enjoy too then everyone’s a winner.

Monstaball performing at Cocorico Apres Ski event in Val D'Isere, France

One of the magical things about music is that there are perfect songs for every mood and occasion.
It’s important to remember that songs you’d listen to in your car or sitting room aren’t necessarily the songs which would get you rushing to the dance floor to bust out your best moves!

Our party song list is full of tracks carefully chosen because they get everyone dancing, jumping around and singing along.
We play a huge range of material with chart toppers from every decade from the 60’s up until now.
There’s a great mix of everyone’s favourite pop, rock & indie. Also some funk, soul, rock n roll, country, modern folk and dance tunes.

You can be sure we’ll make them all sound amazing and deliver them in the manner in which they deserve!

Give us a call or drop us a message if you have any questions or would like to discuss live music entertainment for your event.  CONTACT


*You can view our song list here

*If there’s anything you’d like which isn’t on our song list then give us a shout and we’ll learn it for you.