Choosing a Live Band for your Wedding, Party or Event

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If you’re reading this you’re probably already a fan of live music! We all know live music really makes the atmosphere at an event, the energy gets people dancing, and those who prefer not to dance will enjoy watching the performance.

The band you book will have a massive effect on how the evening goes, so it’s important to choose wisely!

A band sets the tone of the evening with the sound they create and the songs they play, as well as with their personality, attitude and appearance.

Your best option is always to go with a recommendation from someone you trust. If that’s not possible and you find yourself trawling the unending supply of bands on the internet, the next best option is to put your faith in reviews. Most of us will check through reviews before booking all sorts of services online like hotels, tradesmen, holidays etc.
A good and experienced band should be able to provide a list of reviews for you to read through, which will give you an idea of what to expect from the band as well as whether they have a reassuring number of previous satisfied customers!


Monstaball Corporate Event – this one was too much fun!

A band with an online presence should have photos, video and audio for you to check through.
Most bands use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as their website, so it would be good to have a look through their social media.

It’s important to be aware of the following:

*Audio recorded in a studio may or may not accurately reflect how the band will sound on the night. Miracles can be performed in a studio! Having said that, it’s more suspicious if a band hasn’t made an audio recording.

*Audio on live videos taken with a phone or GoPro camera will not do the band justice. These devices have a tiny little microphone which isn’t designed to pick up the live sound of a band. A band may still put these recordings on social media as it gives you an idea of how their gig audiences are responding.

Monstaball Summer Wedding Party – it was hot on the dancefloor!

Other important factors to consider:

*Will the band have a fun, friendly and professional attitude towards your guests? You will pick up on this from their reviews and live video. Also by speaking to them on the phone. If you like the look of a band you can always give them a call to ask a few questions and discuss your event.

*Will they sound good on the night? This doesn’t just depend on how well they play. A band can only sound good if they’ve invested in good quality equipment. You know how amazing your favourite album sounds through some nice speakers! The quality of sound also depends on the knowledge and experience of their sound man.. most often the sound man will be one of the band members, to save you some expense!

*Will they bring sufficient PA equipment for your venue and audience? For a larger venue, a marquee and/or an audience of 100+ the sound will be so much better and fuller if the band use sub woofers as part of their PA system. It’s the power from the bass sound that’ll really get people jumping on the dance floor.

*Will the band provide moving lighting for the dance floor? This adds so much to the excitement of live music, and helps people to feel comfortable on the dance floor.


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There are often far more issues for a band to deal with at an event than everyone realises. Every venue is different in terms of loading in, dealing with venue staff, setting up, acoustics of the room, sound level problems and all sorts of other things we won’t bore you with!
An experienced band will have learnt how to work with venues to make sure they can give you their absolute best performance within the boundaries.

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