A Wedding in Mallorca

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We were chuffed to bits when Stephanie and Alex asked if we’d play at their wedding party in Mallorca.
That was last year, and their stunning wedding took place a fortnight ago.

They’d seen us play at the Farinet in Verbier, Switzerland, which is where they both decided after 10 years of being friends it was time to commit to the next step .. a smooch!
Two years later they set a date to be married, and as they wanted the evening of their wedding to be a rocking party it made sense to book an apres ski band.

We jump at the chance to travel abroad for gigs and luckily had the date free, so it was a big yes from us .. and that was before we realised Stephanie is an absolute pro at event planning and pulled off the most incredible fairytale day for their friends and family which we were so lucky to be a part of!

Alex admitted to having a smaller share of responsibility in the preparations.. but I think maybe he was just being modest (wink).

Anyone who has booked Monstaball before will know that our gear rather exceeds easyJet’s luggage allowance, and as we’re still some way off owning our own private jet, Stephanie organised for Velvet Music who are based in Palma to supply all the equipment needed for us to perform.

Two weeks before the flights our drummer Adam’s July baby had been threatening to arrive early, so we all decided it would be safer for another drummer to take his place .. and Andres stepped in. He and Al had worked together in Al’s previous band Mullit who were masters of apres ski in the French Alps. As well as being a brilliant drummer Andres is half Spanish so we had our own translator which turned out to be very useful!

After arriving in Palma at around midnight on the friday night we picked up a hire car in the airport and headed to our hotel, which threw up some flaws in my usually fairly successful tour management. Online this hotel had looked frankly idyllic, located by the sea with it’s own pool and a glamorous name. The reality was somewhat different as it turned out to be right in the centre of the German version of Magaluf.
We cruised slowly down the main strip in our hire car trying to avoid the crowds of unsteady pedestrians while an assortment of body parts were presented at our windows, and a range of unmentionable activities were taking place in the flower beds.
Our hotel offered no respite from the revelry and after a sketchy night’s sleep we left the madness of El Arenal behind and headed up to Stephanie and Alex’s wedding venue, Cap Rocat, which was absolutely breathtaking!

Cap Rocat used to be a military fortress and has been refurbished to the point where you expect James Bond to show up any minute.
The atmosphere was unworldly with the intense blue sky and sea, and the staff dressed in all white or all black tunics.

We were directed to the underground bunker where the guys from Velvet Music were setting up.
We made friends with them and with the unfamiliar equipment and the engineer sound checked us.

Then we drove back to our hotel to drink some coffee and talk through the set which Stephanie and Alex had chosen from our song list.

It was dark when we returned to Cap Rocat and the whole place was lit by fire lamps which was magical! The bridesmaids were all in gold and Stephanie & Alex looked like they’d stepped out of a movie!
They had kept Cap Rocat a secret from their guests until the day. Everyone had been driven there in coaches after the ceremony and you could feel the excitement in the air.
They’d also kept the evening party in the bunker a secret so nobody knew about Monstaball followed by DJ Tom with fantastic live violin player Alan Alvarez.

After Stephanie had thrown the bouquet she and Alex led the way to the bunker with me playing the saxophone. As we headed down the tunnel into the bunker which was full of purple light the rest of the guys were waiting in position, and joined in with me so the guests could hear the full band as they came through the tunnel.
Stephanie and Alex then danced their first dance to I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons which was perfect for their slow burner romance, and there were gold confetti canons!
The night just rocked from then on, and was over way too quickly!

The couple had invited us to stay and enjoy the party after our sets. We chatted to their lovely guests and to Alan the violin player. He told us he’d played at the venue which was filmed as Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie)’s pad in the recent series The Night Manager. Pretty impressive!

We dropped Andres at the airport at 6am for an early flight back to Gatwick and Al, Adam (bass) and I had a power nap then turned into tourists for the day and checked out the fascinating city of Palma. Adam made the best tourist with socks, flip flops and a straw hat (photo not included!).

It was an absolutely awesome weekend and we are super thankful to Stephanie and Alex for having us.
They make the perfect couple, even if it did take them 10 years to get there, and we wish them all the very best.

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