Hints & Tips for the perfect Wedding Party!

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Most couples aim to end their perfect wedding day with a right good party, music, dancing, and everyone letting loose!

We’ve been playing at weddings for 11 years now so we’ve been to a lot of venues and seen a lot of wedding parties. We like to think we’ve gathered a good amount of wisdom along the way, and are in a strong position to give advice on what makes the evening go off like a firecracker and not a damp sparkler.

Obviously first of all we recommend you book Monstaball (wink & nudge)

After that we have some other suggestions based on our observations and first hand experience, so here goes..

If you can keep everything in one room it’s much easier to get the party going. A marquee works well for this, or a venue with one big room rather than several small rooms.
You need the bar near the dance floor so people can easily go from one to the other. Then everyone can hear when their signature dance tunes are being played and hot foot it over to unleash their best moves.

If the evening food/snack is light then people feel much more like partying .. you don’t want your guests incapacitated by piles of greasy chips! A pizza van is a winner, or fun mini food that goes round on trays.

The band should face lengthways down the room or marquee. That way the PA is facing the audience for the best sound, and the band members are facing the audience so they can interact and get people’s attention.
It’s also important to consider the guests who can’t or don’t dance, it’s nice if they can watch the band from a nearby table.
We love to get involved with the audience and Alex usually takes the microphone out during a gig if he spots some enthusiastic singers. We have wireless microphones on the guitar and saxophone so we can go out for a little dance around with the crowd or on some furniture. Alex does check the table legs before each gig since he buckled one a few years back and we had to pay the venue for a new table!

The right lighting is so important for creating a party atmosphere. You don’t want the room too bright as that gets people feeling self conscious.
Spotlights on the band make their performance more of a show, and moving lights on the dance floor are exciting and make people want to dance. These will be more effective if the main lights are turned off or dimmed right down.
We have some pretty special moving head lights for the dance floor which we sync to the music with foot switches for extra effect, and our drummer Adam has LED lights on his transparent drum kit which looks super cool.

Try not to put the band on too early. If you have evening guests they will want to have a few drinks and chat before they’re ready to hit the dancefloor. Somewhere around 9pm is a good time for the band to start, when everyone is ready to go a bit crazy!
It’s better not to have too long a gap between the live sets, probably 30 minutes max.

Putting out a basket of flip flops or disposable comfy footwear will mean all the ladies can have comfortable dancing feet. We’ve even had a bride who provided a basket of slipper socks. Everyone loved looking silly in posh dresses and big chunky socks and the dance floor was packed!

A Photo Booth is a great ice breaker for the evening as they bring a mad mixture of wigs, hats and fancy dress accessories. We’ve also seen some creative bride & grooms make their own DIY photo booths.

Make sure you invite a few extrovert guests who you can rely on for some dance floor action and general misbehaviour, but most importantly, if the bride & groom are on the dance floor that’s where your guests will want to be!

You can check out our Reviews to see what our previous clients have to say about booking Monstaball for their wedding party.
Here’s a link to our Song List and we’re very happy for couples to choose some/all of the songs we play in our live sets.
Our moving lighting for the dance floor is included in the price, also included is DJ music before & after our live sets so your whole evening is covered.

***We are VERY excited about our latest addition to the Monstaball experience which is a confetti canon machine. So we can fire a confetti canon during your 1st dance, or during the last song of the night, or at a specific point in the evening. You can choose a colour, or have multicoloured confetti, or have a metallic colour like gold or silver. How awesome is that!!?!***



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