Music to suit everyone’s tastes!

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When you’re organising a party or event you want to be sure everyone is going to enjoy the music. We always pick tunes to fill the dancefloor and make sure there’s loads of variety.

Here’s a little something for fans of house music!

We keep our song list as diverse as we can so there’s something to suit everyone’s music tastes and keep all the generations happy.
We love the challenge of playing different styles of music, and we’re always excited to take on something new.
We pick the most well known songs from each genre so we can keep everyone engaged whilst still ticking a lot of boxes including country / folk / blues / classic rock / modern pop / 80’s pop / funk / dance / rock n roll / indie / soul / heavy rock ..etc.!

Music fashion does change just like clothes fashion, so although the old favourites always stick we do notice trends in the kind of music people choose.

In recent years folk style music has been very popular and we’ve had a lot of requests for tracks by Mumford & Sons, George Ezra and similar. These tunes are full of energy and great for dancing. Alex usually plays these on an acoustic guitar to make them sound authentic.

This year there has been a big craze for saxophone and house music.

Myself (Abi) and our frontman (Alex) were recently playing an Acoustic Duo gig at Wilson’s Bar in Oswestry. There was a group in there who spotted my saxophone and got pretty excited about us playing Jubel by Klingande. This has been a hot favourite on the clubbing scene for a few years, and had enough radio play to be popular in mainstream music.
We didn’t know it, but they were pretty insistent we should have a go so we went out to the van in the break and worked out enough to jam it in the second set. Everyone went nuts, so we added it to the band song list.

We’ve since made this little video and recreated the Ibiza vibe in a sunny field at Bromwich Park Wedding Venue near Oswestry!

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