Corporate Christmas Parties!

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The modern corporate model is all about team building and making the workplace a fun and inspiring place to be.

Staff Christmas parties have moved on from the scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary with excruciating karaoke on the office desks while a disillusioned DJ slumps against the wall by his decks.

Contemporary businesses are organising staff events which the staff actually want to go to!
Modern Christmas parties need a super cool band to create a concert or festival experience!
Big companies might book the real deal, an originals band, which is exciting for everyone. The price obviously varies massively depending on how famous they are.
Other companies might book a tribute act which can be awesome, although you do run the risk that the choice of tribute might not be everyone’s cup of tea.
Alternatively you could have a stylish covers band playing hits from all the greats and from the most popular bands currently touring the circuit.

There’s been a big change recently in the type of covers bands available for hire. The old cliche of 4 guys in suits and ties playing Mustang Sally in front of a gold glitter curtain is being challenged by dynamic musicians in black skinny jeans looking like they’re in a music video and playing everything from Foo Fighters to Queen to Swedish House Mafia.

That’s what Monstaball are all about! We play such a big range of music and you can even choose the songs we play live from our song list if you’d like to.
We’re all about the show as well as the music and we love to turn every gig into a headline performance!

We set up an impressive backdrop with our huge trendy banners and vertical lighting strips.
Our drummer Adam has an LED lit transparent drum kit which flashes when he plays a drum solo.
We have tour grade moving head scanner lights which we sync to changes in the music with foot switches.
We also have a brand new confetti canon machine so we can fire coloured or metallic glitter or streamers towards the end of the night in a song with a big build up.
We also have a haze machine which makes the lights even more effective. (You need to check if your venue will allow this as it can set off certain types of smoke alarm).

If you’re looking for the best music and a BIG performance with great audience interaction then Monstaball are the band for you.

If you don’t have the budget to hire an Audio Visual company to do the sound and lighting but still want something epic then we’ll give you the absolute next best thing .. we’re more than just a band!
We’re also just as happy playing at an intimate party in a small venue.

Whatever your circumstances Monstaball will make it a night to remember!!

You can visit our website and facebook page and you’re always welcome to get in touch with any questions or to ask for a quote.

Check out the long list of reviews on our website.

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