Party Band trends and popular songs

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Picking songs for your wedding

How do we pick songs for our setlist to fill the dancefloor?

In the time we’ve been working as a party band we’ve seen trend changes in the type of band people are looking for when choosing for a wedding, party or corporate event.

When we first started this job the Indie/Rock bands were just creeping in and giving an alternative to the classic Covers Band everyone expected to see at an event.
These indie bands were sneaking into wedding gigs in skinny jeans and T shirts instead of the standard suit or at least shirt & tie. They had attitudes to match and bride & grooms were starting to choose Mick Jaggers over Michael Bubles to entertain their wedding guests.

When we first started this job the Indie/Rock bands were just creeping in!


You could feel the surprise at weddings when the band launched into I Predict a Riot instead of Mustang Sally, and wireless musicians started hopping on tables or waving microphones in guests’ faces!

It’s important as a covers band to keep up to date with the material that fills the dance floor, so we’re always ready to learn the next big chart drop, songs like Uptown Funk, Happy and Can’t Stop The Feeling.
Most of our work comes from repeat bookings and people who have already seen us so it’s important to keep adding fresh songs. Each time we return to an annual event we want to play them a different setlist.

The Indie has held its own on the party circuit and it’s not often a party band will be allowed to leave the building without playing Mr Brightside and Sex on Fire which have been neck & neck in the floor filling stakes for a long time.

We saw a wave of demand for the powerful female vocal songs when Jessie J and Katy Perry were strutting their stuff, then Mumford & Sons hit the charts running and suddenly potential clients were trawling the net for bands with promo pictures featuring acoustic guitars and folk hats. They still wanted to hear Mr Brightside as long as it was sandwiched between I Will Wait and Little Lion Man.

Various other songs have had a surge of popularity when they’ve featured on TV, like Don’t Stop Believing by Journey which made a comeback via Glee.
There are some tunes that will always be well received because they’re pure quality, and Queen deserve a mention here because Don’t Stop Me Now has never failed us in any situation, ever!

Here at Monstaball Wedding and Party Band we love the good old timeless classics like Footloose and Come On Eileen which appeal to all ages because they have loads of energy and are perfect for crazy dancing and singing along.
We like to finish the night with something epic and Bohemian Rhapsody always ticks that box, but we have other options including Time Of My Life from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. In the cold light of day this might sound excessively cheesy but once the party is in full swing and everyone’s had a few drinks the best floor fillers are the songs people can have fun with. We have yet to see ‘the lift’ and I doubt health & safety would approve but there must be a Patrick Swayze out there somewhere!

You’re welcome to choose your favourite songs from our Song List for your Party, Wedding or Corporate Event.

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