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Corporate Christmas Parties!

Staff Christmas parties have moved on from the scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary with excruciating karaoke on the office desks. Modern Christmas parties need a super cool band to create a concert or festival experience!

Hints & Tips for the perfect Wedding Party!

We are VERY excited about our latest addition to the Monstaball experience which is a confetti canon machine! So we can fire a confetti canon at a specific point in the evening. You can choose a colour ..

Choosing a Live Band for your Wedding, Party or Event

If you’re reading this you’re probably already a fan of live music! We all know live music really makes the atmosphere at an event, the energy gets people dancing, and those who prefer not to dance will enjoy watching the performance. The band you book will have a massive effect on how the evening goes,… Read more »

Choosing Songs for your Wedding, Party or Event

Choosing songs for an event The right music for your event is important, read on and find out what Monstaball can do to make your booking a total success! Music touches us all, and there are so many amazing songs and genres to choose from! When we speak to our clients to make plans for… Read more »

What do Monstaball Band provide?

What do Monstaball Band provide for your Party, Wedding or Event ? Most importantly, we are all about the live performance!

Sound Limiters

SOUND LIMITERS & LIVE MUSIC A sound limiter monitors the volume (measured in decibels) in a room, and if the volume exceeds a preset limit then the power is automatically turned off to all musical equipment that uses electricity. 1) What is a sound limiter? A sound limiter (also known as an environmental sound controller)… Read more »