Frank & Lizzie’s epic testimonial

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It was Monday 24th August when I married my beautiful Lizzie and like all weddings it was a tale of two parts. The wedding was beautiful and elegant and the meal went down without a hitch. The second part is the party and WOW I can’t believe how amazing you all are.
I was blown away by just how talented you all are and how you really kept the energy going throughout. I would never describe an aircraft carrier as a boat and in the same way I would never ever describe Monsta Ball as a wedding band; you are no fishing boat…. you guys are a fully loaded battle ship armed with nuclear tomahawks and fast jets.
I will be keeping an eye on your page for when I can next see you at at a public event, you do owe us a rendition of Poison afterall and I am more than happy to drive to the midlands from Essex to hear you do A Whole Lot of Rosie.