The Mountain Echo, Val D’Isere

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Val D’Isere is a great place for bands, both to be in them and to be watching them. If you’re looking for a band who look like they are really having a great time as part of their band then look no further than Monsta-Ball. This band started out with a considerable pedigree out here in the snowy mountains and they don’t disappoint. With a great range of songs, great vocals and great musicianship behind all of it there’s no doubt that these guys have found a winning formula. Not taking themselves too seriously is also one of this band’s great qualities. They aren’t afraid to have a laugh and this shows during their performances. They’ve played various venues in town, from the Warm-Up to the Moris and have left every place buzzing with a good time feel. So if you’re looking for some blinding 80’s covers or an eclectic mix from any decade then these guys will be able to push your buttons!